2018: Most Influential Book

The book I read this past year that altered the way I view the world. This won’t come as much of a surprise to most. Still… this needed to be said… because independent voices of sanity and reason matter… now more than ever.

Lemme try this again: 2018 - Year In Review

In which I discuss changing priorities, replacing all of my pants four times, two machines I love and how my daughter forced me to get real with myself and fight Resistance. (This time, the link will work.)

My Memphis Grizzlies have played on Dec. 26 for the past decade. They’ve lost seven straight. This… microbloggers… this is known as an NBA “trap game.”

High 5, Low 5, Fist Bump, Nose Boop. Always results in belly laughter. And joy.

Currently Reading: The minor, Boxing Day, update.

It was as good a day as any to resume daily training for RAGBRAI 2019.

New hat. No apologies.

The toddler has been sick the past few days. No appetite. Wouldn’t drink anything. This morning… chowing down and slurping back fluids. I’m at times an anxious father… so seeing her feeling better is my Christmas blessing.

It was a very Penguin Random House Christmas. So much to look forward to in the coming weeks!

All I really needed for Christmas.

On Sharing Knowledge And The Daily Gift

“Therefore I summon you, not merely that you may derive benefit, but that you may confer benefit; for we can assist each other greatly.” – Seneca, “On Sharing Knowledge.”

I read this tonight, on Christmas Eve, and thought about everyone on micro.blog… and how much benefit and assistance happens on a daily basis.

It’s a daily gift.

Christmas Eve - Essential Guidance

“I implore you to take whatever action you need to take to find peace. Please. Please. Please.”


Further explanation on a Bear, Dropbox, Blot workflow; why it might or might not work for you; and acknowledging @garciabuxton.

Tip of the hat to @Blot.

Today, we convert the crib into a full-size bed for the toddler. I’m not handling this very well at all.

A good way to start an early day.

House of Salt and Sorrows

A couple of years ago, my wife started something.

I kept going to work.

Last night, we got an early Christmas present.

There are those days when I have all the best intentions to be productive. Then the body and brain simultaneously say, “Nah, man… you’re gonna take a nap.”

Woke up to a pot of strong coffee, a list of tasks I want to do and a day in which to do them.

Friday Night Review - 12.21.2018

Like pre-masticated paste… but… no… hopefully, not like pre-masticated paste.

(I know, I know… it’s morning. Fam… cut a man some slack.)

Two Years.

It’s been two years since I made a series of life-altering decisions…

I know I’m repeating myself… but people… @Blot is the best $20 I’ve spent on ANYTHING in 2018.

I got me a @blot account. I wrote me a rant. It felt good.

Why Gutenberg Was The Last Straw.

Thanks to @schuth, @JohnPhilpin and @Blot. Tip of the hat… as always… to @patrickrhone.

I am exceedingly close to ditching Wordpress and moving to @blot permanently based on what I learned today. Still need to learn a lot more about customizing a theme… a lot more.

Spent some time this morning pondering @blot as per suggestions. Highly intrigued as to the possibilities.

Just Data To Be Manipulated.

An excoriation of modern sales management featuring the work of Neal Postman and (God help me)… Don Henley.