Metrics For Those Keeping Score - 11.16.2018.

A substitution for the usual Friday Night Review. A personal note on my personal struggle. An explanation as to WHY I push myself so hard.

Friday Night Review: 11.09.2018.

Unfortunately, before we see that which is revolutionary… we have to first incite a revolution.

Friday Night Review 11.02.2018.

Resistance ain’t bluffing. It plays for keeps.

Friday Night Review - 10.28.2018

With yet another tip of the hat to @annie Your blog is a blessing to me.

Observation: If you’re a father of a toddler and you want your heart ripped out, attend the toddler’s catheterization and kidney dye test.

I married a woman who understands my rage a publishers who do not put a proper colophon page in their books. Find you someone who really really really understands you.

My Uber driver this morning from Cameroon: “I drive the car. I go home. I eat the rice. I read the GOOD books. I sleep. I do it again tomorrow.” Wisdom can come at you from any angle out here in these streets.

Up early… getting those mental reps in before a busy Sunday. I find the Stoicism today most exquisite.

The toddler just looked at me and asked “You okay?” I responded “I’m okay. Are you okay?” Response “I’m fine.” Thanks for checking in on your Pops, kid. It’s been a week.

Most valuable lesson I’ve learned in 2018: If @patrickrhone says I should read a certain book… I read that certain book.

The two year old toddler just told her mother “Get in the kitchen!”

This will not end well.

How we do preseason basketball (and regular season basketball) in Memphis. Fried chicken, Jerry Lee and then back to the beautiful confines of FedEx Forum.

I came to Chicago. I did what had to be done. My work here is finished.

Hello Chicago. It’s been a while. Good to see you again.

The toddler is VERY concerned for Spock. Haven’t we all been concerned for Spock from time to time?

Sunday Morning: Some sentences, some ideas and a list of action items.

So many commonalities between The Typewriter Manifesto and the Indieweb. So so so many.

One of only three Ampex ONE TRACK reel-to-reel recorders from Sun Studios in Memphis. Discovered three years ago in storage. Now at Arkansas State University West Memphis… where Elvis, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash went after Memphis closed down at midnight.

Saturday Reading.

A stack of index cards, a marker, a good pen, relative quiet (I do have a toddler) and @patrickrhone.

It’s All A Stacked Deck

Dylan knew what was up back in 1989…. like so many others before him.

My Micro Monday recommendation is @patrickrhone, whose work I deeply respect.

Sometimes when I watch Sesame Street with my two-year old daughter, I ask myself “Is this what an acid trip is like?”

The two-year old just pulled me close and quietly whispered, “Open… your ears.” It’s bedtime, my precious love… but you can always drop truth on me any time.

Twitter often feels like that garbage dump where you occasionally find a Rolex. Found one!